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Karl Lambrecht

Known as a pioneer in mining of calcite, Karl Lambrecht founded the company in 1933. He was instrumental in developing manufacturing methods which led to calcite's widespread use as an undisputed highest extinction polarizer during all these years. For his contribution, he was awarded the 1975 David Richardson medal by the Optical Society of America.

Karl Lambrecht Corporation has evolved to specialize in fabricating high quality optical components made of birefringent crystals of calcite, quartz, magnesium fluoride, mica etc.

We fabricate several different polarization components of various apertures as standard catalog parts. Special custom made parts are also fabricated per specifications / drawings supplied by customers. Following is a brief description of what is available from us. Details of these are given on various pages on this website, the links to which are provided on the left hand column on each page.

LINEAR / BEAM SPLITTING POLARIZERS made of crystals of calcite, quartz or magnesium fluoride e.g. Glan Taylor, Glan Laser, Glan Thompson, UV Glan Thompson, Glan Laser Brewster Angle, Glan Thompson Beam Splitting, Glan Laser Beam Combining / Splitting, Rochon, Wollaston, Beam Displacer, IR Calcite Plate and custom polarizers per given specifications for general, vacuum or space applications are available.

RETARDATION WAVE PLATES of quarter and half wave retardation for a specified wavelength between .150 and 6.0 micrometers made of crystals of quartz, magnesium fluoride or mica are available. Eighth wave retarders and non-standard larger aperture waveplates for general, vacuum or space applications are available on special order. Also available are fixed crystal quartz rotators to rotate the plane of polarization by 45 or 90 degrees for a specified wavelength between .2 to 2.0 microns including differential rotators which rotate the plane of polarization of each of two normal incident superimposed beams of different wavelengths by a predetermined rotation angle. Special rotators are available upon request.

ACHROMATIC RETARDERS  of quarter and half wave retardation of crystal quartz / magnesium fluoride two plate design, Fresnel rhomb broad band retarders and variable thickness Babinet Soleil Compensators are available as standard products. In quartz / magnesium fluoride configuration, larger apertures and retardations optimized for non-standard wavelength regions are available on special order. These can be made for general, vacuum and space applications.

SCRAMBLERS made of crystals of calcite, quartz or magnesium fluoride for single or narrow wavelength region ( monochromatic ) and broad wavelength region ( polychromatic ) are available in single wedge, double wedge, multi-order retarder and double plate Lyot type designs in standard and non standard sizes.

THIN FILM BEAM SPLITTING POLARIZING CUBES for various narrow and broad wavelength regions are available. Also available are larger displacement ( larger than that provided by calcite beam displacers ) beam displacers ( using two polarizing cubes ) and optical isolators ( using a polarizing cube with a quarter waveplate cemented to the cube with it's fast axis at 45 degrees to the output -p polarization ). Anti-reflection coatings on some customer supplied substrates are also available.

COUPLING PRISMS of SF6 optical glass and rutile crystal are available in standard sizes only.



The sketch above shows an unpolarized beam of light split to linearly polarized by a calcite polarizer which is made circularly polarized by a quarter waveplate and split into transmitted -p and reflected -s linear polarizations by a thin film polarizing cube.


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